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Valentina Bellicova


Hi, I’m Valentina,

Welcome to the world of books, reading and writing.  I’ve always been an avid reader and a sometime writer.

A couple of years ago I wrote and published a few books on Amazon.   What an experience!  Loved it.  There was an initial spur of excitement. YES!  It’s true!  Even got some royalty checks.

But I had a business to run so put aside this notion of being an author.  It’s done.  Crossed authorship off my list.

And yet, two years later, even under total neglect and disregard, the royalties keep on rolling in like regular clockwork.


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iPublish Books Launches

The penny dropped!  I wrote something once, published it, and the money kept on coming.  

Residual income!  The most desirable type of income one can have. 

My entrepreneur self kicked in. 

An idea was born.

What if I actually worked at this?  What if I made it a business?  What if I shared my experiences with others who may be on the same journey?  What if I actually marketed my books? What if I just published more books, my own and those of other authors? What if I just launched a website on publishing?